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What is THP?

THP is an online marketplace for healthcare services. We pre-negotiate prices with top-rated healthcare providers and pass on the maximum savings to our customers. Services listed on our vouchers are inclusive of all charges with no surprise bills after your appointment*

Is THP An Insurance Company Or A Third-Party Administrator (TPA)?

THP is not an insurance company or (TPA), It is an online market place where you can purchase prepaid healthcare services in the form of vouchers at an affordable price.

What Does THP Do, Why Can't I Negotiate Prices Directly With The Provider?

Thp's platform provides value to our providers and customers. Based on our extensive research, we have an edge in negotiating prices of medical services in a given market, which would otherwise be difficult for an individual to achieve. In some circumstances THP negotiations may not be lower than the actual price at the point of service.

Who Can Use The Service?

THP is available to everyone, uninsured or underinsured, patients paying upfront, and looking to save money. Please note this service should not be used in case of an emergency.

What If I Have Insurance, Can I Still Use THP?

Yes. If you have a high deductible plan or if your insurance doesn't cover a service, you can buy the service you need. Please note that the Service Provider accepting the voucher will not be able to claim these services through your insurance. You may be eligible to claim part or whole yourself. Check directly with your insurance. People enrolled in federally funded program such as Medicare & Medicaid should not use this service.

Can I Use My FSA Or HSA Card at THP To Buy A Prepaid Voucher?

Yes, as long as it is a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express

What Is The Difference Between A Plan And A Voucher?

A Plan consists of several vouchers at a discounted price.

How Do I Find A Service Or Plan?

Find a specific service or plan by clicking

How Do I Find Participating Providers In My Area?

Find a specific provider & their participation tier level by clicking

What If I Cannot Find Any Provider Near Me?

THP is committed to growing its network every day. Before purchasing a voucher or a plan, check the providers availability in your area. If you can't find a provider, contact us or invite your doctor to join THP. In some areas upgrading your voucher to a higher tier may provide a greater access to providers within THP's network

Why Do Some Providers/Services Cost More Than Others?

Prices are based on various factors such as practice location, user experiences, and their willingness to negotiate. Tier 1 will give you maximum savings because Tier 1 providers are willing to accept a lower amount for the services based on THP Negotiations.

Is There A Difference In The Quality Of Care Based On Tier Levels?

No. All providers must be in compliance with their respective state laws and standards. They may be on a higher Tier due to practice location, or enhanced experience in their specialty.

How Do I Use Or Redeem My Voucher?

Prior to redeeming any Services listed on a Voucher, a Voucher Holder (or its legal guardian) must contact and make an appointment with one of the Service Providers listed on the Website and then click on the “Redeem” button in the Patient’s Account next to the Voucher which needs to be redeemed. Take a printout or a screenshot of the voucher and show it to the providers representative at the time of the appointment.

Can I See A Tier 3 Provider With A Tier 1 Voucher?

Yes, but you need to upgrade your unused or unexpired voucher to the same tier of the Service Provider you want to see. However, a higher tier voucher gives you access to same or lower tier providers.

How can i upgrage my Voucher to a Higher Tier?

Once you find the voucher you need, click on upgrade and select the desired tier level. Voucher previously purchased which are unused or unexpired can be upgraded though your account by paying the upgrade fee. Note, purchased or upgraded vouchers cannot be downgraded.

Can i share my vouchers with my dependents?

Yes, you can add your unmarried children under the age of 26 or your spouse. Please note, a consent is required while adding spouse to your account

Can i buy a voucher for a friend or family member visiting from overseas?

Yes, the voucher holder needs to create the account in his/her name. With your authorization, they can checkout using your credit/debit card matching your billing information.

Do I Need A Prescription Or Order For My Test?

Prior to making any purchase, check whether you need to obtain a written order from a licensed physician in order to receive the service of your choice.

Will I Get A Bill After The Service Is Provided?

No, as long as no additional services were agreed or provided by the servicing provider.

Do I Need To Pay Registration Fees?


Does THP Protect My Medical Information & Privacy?

Yes, THP never collects any medical information from patients or from our network providers. Our privacy policy can be viewed at For further questions and concerns please review our terms and conditions at or contact our customer support center via email, live chat, or phone.

What Is THPS Return Policy?

If you buy a Voucher outside of a Plan, any such individually purchased Voucher may be exchanged, within 30 calendar days of purchase, for credit amounting to the value of the initial purchase, provided that you have not yet clicked on the “Redeem” button next to any such Voucher. Such credit may be used to purchase other Vouchers on the website, however, the Voucher Holder will stay the same and you will not be able to purchase a Voucher for someone else using that credit. All returns can be completed via the Patient’s Account.

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