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March 05, 2022
How to Share your Thp Vouchers with your Family.

How to Share Your Thp Vouchers with your Family. Add qualifying family members as dependents, and learn how to receive multiple vouchers from your employers.

February 09, 2022
How to Upgrade a THP Voucher

Instructions on how to upgrade a Thp Voucher for an upgrade fee, which gives you access to a wider selection of providers and locations. 

February 08, 2022
Transparent Health Plans Introduction

Transparent Health Plan is the common-sense solution to uncertain medical expenses. Our system is simple and straight forward with no hidden fees or worries about unexpected bills to lose sleep over.

February 06, 2022
How to use THP for Prepaid Medical Services.

See how easy it is to purchase and redeem thp's pre-negotiated medical vouchers and save thousands whether you have health insurance, no coverage or even if you are a visitor.

February 05, 2022
For Healthcare Providers. Benefits of joining THP!

Why Join Transparent Health Plans? Healthcare Providers let us help you enhance your practice revenue and increase patient referrals at no cost to you. How to redeem a voucher?

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